Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services and an integrated approach to fitness that will transform how you move, how you feel and how you live. We are committed to empowering our clients to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. In our private facility, our highly-trained professionals provide specialized one-on-one and small group training. The following is a description of our services.

Personal Training

Private and semi-private sessions available. Includes fully individualized fitness programming, fitness and body composition assessments, nutritional advice, lifestyle coaching and accountability to achieve your individual fitness and wellness goals.

TRX® Suspension Training®

TRX® (Total Body-Resistance Exercise) comprises suspension straps that use your own body weight as resistance. It is low impact and can be used at every level of fitness, including people rehabilitating from injuries. Consistent practice will dramatically increase muscle strength, flexibility, balance and particularly core strength. We offer specialized training for all levels in both private sessions and small group classes.

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Zumba® Toning fuses hypnotic rhythms, easy-to-follow moves and body sculpting to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program for all levels. In one exciting hour, you will burn hundreds of calories and build cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, core strength and dynamic balance. Come join the party and see your body, mind and spirit transform.

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GYROTONIC® training increases range of motion in the spine, shoulders, hips and all other major joints. As we age, our range of motion becomes more restricted. This methodology is the most advanced and comprehensive approach to improving movement, posture, alignment, and core strength. It also helps reduce joint pain and stiffness and increase overall strength and flexibility. Movements are low-impact, fluid and gentle. . GYROTONIC® training is provided by a fully licensed instructor. It is used in a full range of applications from rehabilitation of injuries to improving athletic performance.

Physician Evaluations

For individuals needing more expert medical support with exercise and fitness programs, Dr. John Zendler, DC, CCSP, offers chiropractic physician evaluations for musculoskeletal problems, injuries, biomechanics, posture and custom orthotics. Dr. Zendler has a highly diversified practice for the diagnosis and conservative treatment of chronic conditions, injuries, back pain, and other joint, muscle and soft-tissue problems.

Physician Supervised Personal Training

For individuals requiring a higher level of medical expertise due to injuries or serious medical conditions. Provided by Dr. John Zendler, DC, CCSP in collaboration with the staff of certified personal trainers.

Weight Management

Our staff can provide body composition assessments, body measurements and weigh-ins to help clients set goals, track progress and create accountability. Our trainers provide on-going nutritional advice and support to clients.